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Creative teambuilding for retail network

Project tasks

  • Rally the team and strengthen the corporate officers of the competence.
  • Gain new knowledge and skills in an informal setting.
  • Create the event good emotional background.

The concept of

Participants undergo master classes to prepare movie . After this, distribute roles, picking up the scenery, write a movie script and draw posters. on the second day events take place shooting and editing video, and then at a solemn evening all together enjoying the rollers and reward the brightest starring.

Chips project

  • In the programme of integrated knowledge contests corporate competencies: they are, for example, while videos are mounted.
  • Master classes are held on such topics as "elocution and acting skills", "Operational Art", "special effects", "the art of make-up".
  • Teams help professionals from the film industry, are part-time-instructors.
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