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Teambuilding for top managers of the Bank

Project tasks

  • Hold a bright komandoobrazujushhee event for top-managers of the company.
  • Include in teambuilding elements of creativity.
  • Link the characters event with corporate values and goals.

The concept of

Participants get to the ancient tribe-keepers of the Totem. The tribe possesses a magical knowledge Was in, but it is divided into parts.  Teams need to collect part of the Totems of power. Help them in this main Shaman and keepers of the Totem: they offer intellectual, physical and creative tests to get a slice of the cherished Totem. In the final, collecting Totem, participants will receive prisoners it secret knowledge.

Chips project

  • Those who have collected all the parts of the Totem, the Chief Shaman gives a particular schema Assembly. While part of the team combines elements of the Totem, another part comes up with the name and slogan for his team on the basis of their experience.
  • To animate the collected together the Totem, participants need to learn to play drums and come up with a melody for Totem. From the correct rhythm Totem comes alive: starts spinning and spewing smoke!
  • Magic knowledge-and there are those corporate values that inspire top managers themselves and inspire their subordinates.
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