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Quest for Raiffeisenbank-Vikings in search of Thor's hammer

Project tasks

  • Unite staff
  • Show the importance of different team members

The concept of

Employees are divided into teams for a few people to undergo a series of tests the team towards the cherished goal-hammer of Thor-encounter steep slopes, cliffs, p (e) r (e) biratsja through which need to b will the trollee and rope crossing as well as the River, where the team will catarafting. each participant will demonstrate their skills at archery and axe throwing.  

Chips project

  • The usual deserted camp earlier-Viking Village with hidden puzzles and obstacles now!
  • For maximum complexity of tasks we made activity on the two banks of the River: Rafting on catamarans is inevitable.
  • 250-metre trolls over the river turned out to be the longest in team history.
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