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Adventure quest in Croatia for the ABC of the taste

Project tasks

To acquaint participants with the country in an interesting game form, reaching the maximum possible activities and locations.  

The concept of

Modern coat of arms of Croatia consists of an image of the chess fields and emblems five regions of the country. We offer participants create your coat of arms of Croatia, symbolizing the subjugation of all these wonderful places! Each of the five pieces of the emblem of the team can get only by running the job in the region.

Place encrypted messages-riddles and puzzles related to one of the most attractive topics-gastronomic.

Chips project

  • In the first part of the adventure team must find their jeeps to explore the country. Location of machines can learn only solved the riddles on the knowledge of the country and the city of Zagreb, and this will have to seek help from local residents.
  • In addition to the fun of riding off-road, Hunt awaits participants a rare delicacy-truffles mushrooms and grape harvest on the picturesque slopes of hills.
  • The second day is dedicated to the sea: a journey by ship, accompanied by fishing and seafood cooking dinner under the strict guidance of Croatian chefs.
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