DJ or live music?

DJ or live music?

It's hard to imagine any event without an appropriate musical setting – even the most formal ceremonies are usually accompanied  by a soundtrack. One of the important components of the corporate event is carefully selected music. Musical accompaniment can  improve the mood of employees and create the right atmosphere.

Choosing a repertoire for a corporate event is a difficult task. Even the most well-coordinated team of employees will include people with different, non-standard musical tastes. Event organizers must adhere to several universal rules when compiling a playlist:

  • Choose your repertoire according to the nature of the event. An official event requires a muted musical atmosphere, a party in a club requires dynamic and energetic music.
  • Use what you already know about the invited guests (their temperament, preferences).
  • Do not try to please everyone, but if possible, try to diversify the repertoire - for example, choose famous hits, but in different musical styles (pop, rock, disco, rock and roll).

Which is better to choose: live music, cover band or DJ? 

Here it is worth paying attention to the concept of the event, how much the format of the music is combined with the general idea.


A professional DJ will not only play throughout the event, but will also constantly change the playlist, observing the mood of the guests. Most DJs also have their own equipment.

Live performance with DJ

This is an innovative, not well-known way to create a musical atmosphere for the event. A live performance is a combination of music played by a DJ with live music – usually adding one or two Tools. Combining backing tracks from the most popular hits with the sound of drums or electric guitar is a recipe for great fun.

Cover band

Professional, experienced musicians are able to recreate well-known compositions that are widely popular among guest people. A good musical group can give the music an unusual touch, which creates a unique atmosphere.


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