About the company

For 13 years, BIG JACK has been solving the business problems of its clients with the help of events and does it in a 24/7 format. We are with you around the clock, all week long – regardless of the time of year, public holidays and the state of the economy.

Our mission

Make life surrounding is brighter due to the impressions from our events

The values on which it is worth
the Foundation of BIG Jack:

Mutual benefit in
the moment of communication.
Continuous improvement
in work and personal development.
Caring for those with whom we
The openness of the market and
desire gratis
share their experiences.
A systematic approach to
each task: from
the complicated to the simple.

Our unique approach- Experience Marketing or Marketing experience, so we know how to:

Extend the fun of
activities for the same
The money
Combine external and
internal communications on
favor of the HR brand
Create humane,
filled with living
emotions relationships
employees with the company

We evaluate each project

Evaluating the result of activities, we are guided by the key performance indicators (KPIs):
EEI Employee engagement index
EAI Index of employer attractiveness
NPS Customer loyalty index

Why trust us

That is why BIG Jack trust companies such as the Moscow City Government, Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, Gazpromneft, Raiffeisen Bank, Sberbank technology, British American Tobacco, azbuka vkusa, Technoserv Consult, RESO-leasing and many others.
All our clients

We carry out projects worldwide

Geography of projects of the company totals more than 5 countries, including Turkey, Egypt, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania,
as well as more than 30 cities of our country.
  • All
  • Moscow
  • Moscow region
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Croatia
  • Italy

Our achievements are recognized by the professional community
and, of course, our beloved Customers

1-St place in the event ranking from AVRAM NOAM and AdIndex.ru
1-St place
in the event ranking
from AVRAM NOAM and AdIndex.ru
  • Quality of service
  • The overall level of the Agency's work
  • Creativity
  • The professionalism of the team
  • The stability of the team
  • Focus on efficiency
  • Optimizatorskij approach to estimate
top 5 best event-agencies of the year 2016 AKMR
top 5 best
event-agencies of the year 2016
version AKMR
Following the precepts of a large Jack Morton, the father of the event industry
We always strive to do something special
and create bright impressions!