How do you know that result is achieved?

EEI Employee engagement index
EAI Index of employer attractiveness
NPC Customer loyalty index

Engagement index
staff (EEI)

This is a fraction of the company's employees involved *, i.e.:
Connect your
the future of this
Speak positively about
companies when communicating with
colleagues, customers, friends
efforts in the work of the
* Terminology company Aon Hewitt, leader in the field of research involvement


  1. Low involvement of employees the company suffers losses.
  2. Companies with more than 60% of long-reach outstanding results.
Relationship percent involvement with company performance
* According to Gallup, one of the leaders in the field of research staff involvement

How can we improve

So, the higher employee engagement, the more successful business.
There are 3 factors *, the most affecting involvement:
Value employees
Employer reputation
Recognition of staff
* For example, if an employee does not feel their value to the company, its involvement is decreasing.
The same happens if he doesn't get the recognition from the company and does not believe in a positive image of their employer.

We promote involvement through corporate activities

Factors What we do How do
The value and recognition of employees the employer's Reputation Show employee value in the eyes of your employer Award, praise, celebrate with panache
Employer reputation Raise the reputation of the employer in the eyes of the employee Tell about achievements, plans, market situation and new products

Internal rate of return
investment (ROI)

Many believe the event cost part of the budget, and at best is spending on the maintenance image. We are confident that the event is an investment, and the company could earn.

An example of this is the rate of return on ROI.


is the profit on
invested money:
the invested ruble-got
a year and a half, 50% ROI =
Organize the event:
Presentation of a new car worth 2 million. rub., 2.5 million events budget. rub.
Collect and process customer base:
Here are 2 000 people, show and tell about the car.
Help build sales:
Within 6 months of the event participants bought 60 machines.
Believe The ROI:
If the net profit from the sale of auto 10%, i.e. 200 thousand. rub., total profit will be 12 million. rub. ROI = 408%

Index of attractiveness
employer (EAI)

Strong employer brand and the high line in the rating of the best companies to work is not only beautiful but also brings financial benefits tool.


When calculating the index of employer attractiveness of existing and potential staff evaluate the extent to which the company comfortably, profitably and inter FDN work.
Organize the event:
2-day visiting teambuilding for 20 people worth 140 thousand. rub. (7 thousand roubles per person.)
Tell about the event inside the company
Colorful tell about an event inside the company (newsletter/newspaper) and outside (website, social networks, media)
Inspire prospective employees
The candidates themselves have responded to the jobs on the site and in social networks + past teambuilding staff recommends their friends.
Employer brand improved!
Value selection 3-x employees within the next 3 months will be equal to 140 thousand. rub., has already invested in the event. In the normal case, these costs will amount to a minimum of 300 thousand. rub. (150 thousand rubles for + 150 thousand rubl. job recruiter) Profit 147%!

The index of consumer
NPS loyalty

The last of the 4-h KPI allows dotted evaluate each event and is perhaps the most widely used measure.


percentage of staff is very loyal to the event, minus the proportion of negative-minded staff (see next slide)
According to the results of the activities organized by BIG Jack
the average index of NPS is 74%
We will help you not only to enhance the activities of the NPS event
but to make it the highest in your industry.

We believe the NPS

Please rate on a scale of 10, how satisfied are you with exercise.
10 points-absolutely satisfied/dissatisfied 0 points-absolutely dissatisfied/unhappy
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