Event-agency Big Jack looks in command

Leading Sales Manager of event-services

What are included in the duties:

  • Find and attract new Customers, expand the customer base and lead potential customers
  • Conduct business correspondence and negotiations, hold meetings in the Client's office (if you are in the same city with the client) or via Skype
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation (templates are provided)
  • Execute the plan in accordance with the set goals and objectives (KPI)
  • Maintaining partnerships with current customers
  • Participation in meetings

What are the requirements:

  • Experience in the service or sales sector is mandatory
  • Have B2B sales experience
  • Remote work experience (will be an advantage)
  • Availability of computer/laptop with camera (for meetings with the client), headset
  • Own the technique of direct sales, be able to understand the needs of the Client, negotiate and negotiate in the context of WIN-WIN
  • High level of communication, ability to keep your word and fulfill your obligations on time
  • Be proactive and proactive in communicating with Clients, take responsibility


  • Remote work with a flexible schedule (we care about the result, not the hours worked)
  • The opportunity to travel, grow and develop within the company
  • It does not matter to us in which city or country you live
  • Upon successful work in the position, promotion to the head of the department
  • Salary depending on the work experience and skills of the candidate
  • Transparent bonus payment system
  • Work in CRM system - amoCRM, IP telephony

Resume with the subject line: "VMP (remotely)" and send a cover letter to e-mail: hr@bigjack24.ru.
Letters are sometimes lost or not reached, so it is much more effective to fill out a short questionnaire.


Interns and those who want to change their lives

We are one of the leading event-agencies in Russia. For 12 years, our team has been effectively solving business problems with the help of events. If you like to communicate with people and want to give them vivid impressions, then the event-sphere is the right choice.

From you desire, from us - an invaluable experience! Your internship program may include:

  • Communication with customers and  contractors
  • Sales technology, access to our knowledge base
  • Development of creative concepts and creation of presentations
  • Direct participation in events

We are open to cool suggestions and will be able to choose the direction of activity based on your interests and abilities. An internship can be a powerful career start. You will be offered to pass the certification, its successful delivery guarantees employment in the staff of the company.  

  Feedback on the work of BIG JACK following the results of the internship of the 3rd year student Daria Vanyukova:

"I have always been interested in the event industry, but I understood that without experience there is nowhere here. It was scary, it was terribly interesting! After my first week at BIG JACK, I realized I hadn't lost the place. Here I was wonderfully received and given the opportunity not only to observe and learn, but also to actively participate in the work of the agency. Now I can't imagine myself without this drive. I guess that's serious)"

Send a portfolio and a cover letter to the e-mail of the hr@bigjack24.ru marked "I want to do an internship".
Letters are sometimes lost or not reached, so it is much more effective to fill out a short questionnaire.
In return, you will receive a creative task, from which everyone usually remains delighted :) 



We are open to any formats of cooperation and cooperation, so that we can get to know you better, follow the link below and fill out a short questionnaire

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