Marketing events

Solve problems

  • The failure of tactics "frontal" sales
  • A small audience of loyal customers and partners
  • Wobbly brand enterprises, uncertainty of the target audience in the reliability of the company

Achieve results

  • Expanding the company's presence in the information space of the target audience
  • Carry out activities on branding and marketing
  • Associate the event with the socially important problem
  • Engage journalists and other media representatives

Organization of marketing activities: the right PR-core business

"External", we mean any activity that is carried out for the audience, is not available, limited staff and partners of the company. These events are an important part of the marketing strategy and brand promotion tool and goods.

"Frontal" sale have lost their effectiveness. Where more effective integrated marketing strategy with the Organization of external events, which form the reputation of the company, allows to build long-term relationships, increase brand loyalty and product.

External marketing activities are pursuing a number of objectives:

  • informing customers about new products and services;
  • familiarity with the brand, strengthening the reputation of the company;
  • increase audience, attracting new partners and clients.

External activities are an integral part of company policy, a way to significantly increase sales in the long run, create a trusted Foundation for business.

Peculiarities of organization and carrying out of external events

Ordinary advertising enough to your brand began to trust, and your product purchase. It is important to build a communication policy with clients, partners, media, so to build a reputation and brought before an audience in a favorable light. This requires time, effort and professional approach.

Formats, methods of conducting activities a lot. So, to address the point of tasks are suitable for events, small events, creating a newsworthy, but does not cause a prolonged and large-scale resonance in the media. For an integrated promotion of the single product suitable PR-actions: they remind the audience about the company, will help keep information presence in the media space. Through such actions, you will be able to build a strong relationship with the media, customers, and partners, to form the correct image of the brand and the company as a whole. Such activities can increase sales in the medium term.

Each external event includes marketing and branding individual products or entire company. Literate company capitalization increase branding, will strengthen its position in the market, ensure the inflow of investments, if necessary. External help to solve these tasks: use them not only for direct sales, but also for strengthening the business goalOM.

In a world where direct advertising causes irritation of the public, and a dry enumeration of the qualities of the product does not bring an emotional response, only the Organization and carrying out of external events can bring out a new product on the market. Talking about new development or offer potential customers in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, providing an opportunity to try and experience the product, creating a positive emotional background around the brand, you will get a great result.

"Big Jack": organizing and conducting marketing activities at the highest level

Event-agency "big JACK" offers more than a dozen formats for external events. Each of them is designed for a specific purpose, has its own characteristics and ways of spending. The choice of format depends on your product, the qualities of your target audience.

"Big Jack" staff will help determine the PR exercise, develop a script will assume the organization. We care about music and light stands and stage costumes and personnel. We will get in touch with representatives of the MEDIA and provide informational resonance around the event. Professional organization of external events will bring fast results.

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