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Perhaps the company no one will tell you better than its founder and ceo. So here is the story of BIG Jack in the first person. Tells Nikolai Andreev…

Nikolai Andreev
Ceo of Big Jack

Dear reader!

Over the years our company called and big Jack, and Bolshoi Djek, but official our name-big JACK (BIG JACK) about this name, and will be discussed.

The history of the company BIG JACK began in my childhood: I grew up in a family of tourists. In those years, tourism has been the main source of "select" and events. Those tursljotywho organized my parents have always been with meaning, with the idea to the concept. Other entertainment particularly in those years was not, therefore leaving somewhere in the suburbs filled with content, maximum =) later, already as a student, I began to organize events myself-for students like me.

One of my first jobs was as incentive programs Division Mirax Group Corporation; While the company was at its peak. There were events on 5000 + participants, but even working at a major customer, I tableknulsja with the problem of scarcity of ideas and targeted approach. All contractors of the event-agencies send template suggestions for activities.

Going into a major event-company, I saw the same thing: being in the flow of Customers, it's easier to send a standard presentation, commercial offer. At the time I was involved in large international projects, where this approach was simply not possible. Only exclusive, innovative solutions, maximum attention to the wishes and the "pain" of the client. Fascinated by the work on the project, I wanted to do everything cool that add services such as branding activities. Sometimes as a result of this was lower than the required project marzhinalnost. So I got a customer loyalty and disloyalty Guide =)

So 5 years experience on both the contractor and the client-side, articulate his visionevent industry. And then I decided to take a chance! Started doing his job, according to its rules and principles.

So, in 2010 year there were three of us: me, my idea of the perfect event-agency and my partner specializing in finance.

Chronology of development

The beginning of "capture" of the public sector. BIG JACK enters the pool of trusted contractors largest banks -savings bank and Raiffeisen Bank.
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Quantum leap! We are doing a rebranding of the company and akcentiruemsja on solving business problems , Clients are increasingly plunging into the specifics of their activity. Begins the era of Experience marketing, marketing impressions -a new approach to organizing events. In the design and implementation of activities for the client immediately solved tasks, internal and external communications.
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Our approach and our activities receive industry recognition: three (!) winning the Awards "Golden puzzle" (nomination Best business event, the best Christmas event), Global Event Awards for the best Christmas event. In addition-get invited to join the National Association of organizers of events (at) and become officially accredited Agency.

Runs a series of outreach activities in CIS countries: Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan.

We set trends and are the first to conduct business-breakfast a la Russe, aimed at popularization of domestic tourism and Russian sites for holding outdoor events.
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Develop the scientific basis of our approach: measuring the KPI project, digitize results and get a maximum of feedback from clients.

Following the recognition by the professional community company comes and individual recognition. I am a member of the Bureau of the National Association of organizers of events (at), start actively giving interviews on television and in online media spend educational webinars.

Corporate party and gala dinner for the foreign customer takes first place in people's voting on awards event of the year.
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A breakthrough year that brought the company to the peak of its productivity: we demonstrated high-quality work not only on Russian, but also on international field projects.
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A colorful year for us, because it is filled with the brightest events: from automotive presentations to fabulous corporate events.
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A year of creativity and the most theatrical projects. What a magical reality we have not visited!
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In this difficult year for the event sphere, we try to fill each event with positivity, inspire, and give people positive emotions.
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We are actively strengthening the image of our company and the companies of our regular customers. We continue to amaze even those who have been with us for a long time.
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We spend a lot of family holidays, we continue to get acquainted with all the many facets of our profession. We develop many new formats and unique concepts.
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The year of the company's heyday, because we already have dozens of unique successful events on our account, and only growth and new discoveries are ahead!
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Что дальше

We strive to make not just a memorable event, but with the help of deep-dive into perspective and comprehensive advice to benefit the business of a client, to make their contribution to the development of his company and the economy of Russia.

We know that each corporate event is exciting for the company and something even intimate. We also understand that a new contractor is anxiety, and risks.

That is why BIG JACK is ready to start cooperation with new customers, doing small projects with a budget *. We responsibly and carefully approach to implementing the "Chamber" projects, like the large-scale stories. Such a "test drive" has always allowed us to show a high level of quality of work, and the customer is to make sure our reliability.

Long-term cooperation with our key Customers often started with small projects as "a journey of a thousand Li begins with a single step."

I will be glad if you will become for us, not just customers and partners and friends.

BIG JACK solves business problems through: Let's build together!

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