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Christmas catastrophe or the nuances of the platform

Christmas catastrophe or the nuances of the platform

Epicentre-holiday expected staff of any company. The prize, a wonderful mood, champagne. All these magical holiday impressions may be damaged if you do not provide a number of nuances. My colleagues and I share an invaluable experience and help prevent a catastrophe in new year's Eve, if you decided to organize its own forces.

Dressing a nightmare or the number of latrines and their maintenance

When choosing a platform very easily among hassle about the stage, sound and catering to forget about such insignificant trivia like a toilet. But imagine, as a couple of hours after the start of the event, all guests will line up in 30 minute queue or will rush from the premises of the refactorings. To avoid this, make sure that for every 50 guests accounted for at least one cubicle and their cleaned at least once per hour.

Candlelit dinner or grid and its reserve

To connect sound and light equipment on site requires increased capacity — suggest that you know beforehand about the technical capabilities of the location selected by the owner. Pad outdoors and some old buildings can be equipped with a weak electrical system, so these platforms to better yourself arendovyvat additional generator, or learn about its presence on the ground, so as not to remain without light in the unexpected moment.

Fights, robberies and vandalism or the cost of damages and violations of rules of conduct

How often did you pay attention to the page menu "Battle of ware"? Here and in the treaties is not very experienced organizers often overlook this important section of the mind. All in the wrong place or broken glass could have cost the entire event. So always check the relevant section in the contract and require reduced tariffs to the established State.

P.s. we've seen contract with hard-a fine for all size of 150 000 rubles.

Forewarned is forearmed! Now you have no excuse not to take into account these nuances. And if you decide to entrust its epicentre in experienced hands- we are always glad to you!

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