Green décor to help

Green décor to help

Décor is an important component of any event. Without it, the event will not be so atmospheric. One of the global trends in the event sphere is environmental friendliness. Large event companies have picked up the trend and refuse to use plastic decorations in large quantities. Nature-friendly materials, modern and  natural eco-style allow you to make the event lively and full-fledged. 


Pros of floral design of events:

  •  Eco-trend allows you to create a summer atmosphere at the event
  •  Original floral décor will create a unique atmosphere at your event
  •  Exclusive floristry will emphasize the high level of celebration
  • With the help of flowers and plants, you can place accents on the desired zones 

The most original ideas for the use of plants in the decor:

  • Sheer walls of flowers or vines as barriers between relaxation areas
  • Unusual exotic plants become a stunning background for photos
  • Moss walls can be the perfect holder for brand logos
  • Live plants as a memorable entrance to the event

Scientists have found that plants have many psychological benefits. Surrounded by natural elements, human productivity and creativity can be increased by as much as 47%. This can be good for corporate, team-building, or marketing events, as participants will be able to feel happier and more liberated. Guests are more likely to retain key information, and the natural décor will allow you to immerse yourself in a relaxing environment. 

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