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    1. User Agreement (hereinafter agreement/this Agreement) is addressed to cable LLC EVENT ", ogrn 5107746074673, INN/KPP 7703735308/770301001 location, Russia 123557, Moscow, UL. Presnenskij̆ Val, 27, pp. 15, Office 12, hereinafter referred to as "site administration", any person who uses the site, hosted on the Internet at: (hereinafter the Website), hereinafter the "user", with the proposal to conclude a contract for the following conditions.
    2. In accordance with paragraph 2 of article 437 of the Russian civil code this Agreement recognizes an offer (public offer). In accordance with article 438 of the Civil Code of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION adoption of the terms of this Agreement shall be deemed to commit an action set forth in the agreement. Agreement concluded by the acceptance of the present offer, does not require bilateral signing and is valid in electronic form.
    3. The user may not enter into this agreement, if not reached the age required for its conclusion, in accordance with applicable law.
    1. In this topic, the terms used in this agreement, unless otherwise agreed, will have the following values:
    2. Site administration-cable EVENT ", ogrn 5107746074673, INN/KPP 7703735308/770301001, location, Russia 123557, Moscow, UL. Presnenskij̆ Val, 27, pp. 15, Office 12, with all rights with respect to the site.
    3. The siteis a set of computer programs and other information contained in the information system, which is accessible through the information and Telecommunications Internet and located at :
    4. Offer-offer any person to enter into a contract under the conditions explicitly set forth in this agreement.
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  • Acceptance-full and unconditional consent to conclude a contract on the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. For the purposes of this agreement, acceptance recognizes the time from which the user initiated the use of the site.
  • The content ofany text, graphics, audio, video, and other material contained on the site.
    1. Administration Site provides the user with a simple (non-exclusive) license to use the site and content posted on the website, under the conditions set forth in this agreement.
    2. Administration of this site confirms that has all exclusive rights with respect to the site.
    3. The user acknowledges that, by accepting, he got acquainted with the terms of this agreement and the terms of the agreement he understood.
    4. The text of this Agreement posted on the site. The site administration shall have the right at any time to modify this agreement. The terms of the agreement may not be modified except by the issuance of a document changed on the site.
    1. The user has the right to:
      1. Access to the website 24 hours a day, except during maintenance work.
      2. Use the site in certain this agreement limits.
    2. The user undertakes:
      1. Comply with the terms of this agreement.
      2. Do not distribute any malicious software that damages, interferes with, intercepts, expropriating or otherwise violates the integrity of the software or hardware systems associated with this Web site, or personal information of other users.
      3. Do not copy, reproduce, publish, again not to make deals with the content of the site, as well as not to use the site to participate in similar activities of the Administration site.
      4. Perform other duties provided for by the present agreement, as well as to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in using the site.
    3. The site administration shall have the right to:
      1. Restrict the use of the site for certain categories of users, that depends in particular, but not limited to, from the territory of the user,
  • the language in which the Site is available.
  • Terminate this user agreement and to abandon its execution in the event of failure by the user of the terms of this agreement.
  • At any time, change the text of this agreement unilaterally.
  • Site Administration undertakes to:
    1. 24 hours a day to ensure dostupnostSajta, except for an occasional maintenance work.
    2. Not to carry out any action which may lead to the inability to use the site by the user.
    1. AdministracijaSajta provides the user with a personal, worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, limited and non-transferable, non-assignable license to use the site under the conditions set forth in this agreement.
    2. Administration Site gives the user the right to use the site solely for purposes not contrary to applicable law. If not otherwise specified in this agreement, the user has no right to: collect, copy, distribute, display, modify, use automatic device, software, algorithms, generating functions access or copy any portion of the site, download any portion of the site, except for short-term loading (caching) for the purpose of using the site.
    3. Upon the termination of this Agreement, shall cease immediately all licenses and rights to use the site. Termination shall not affect the obligations of User under this agreement, the administration of the site, which must be kept within reasonable limits and after termination of the agreement.
      1. The site administration shall make every possible effort to ensure the health of your site, but does not guarantee its continuous, uninterrupted availability and timely delivery, security, accuracy, absence of errors in the site. The only option the user in connection with the above problems is to stop using the site immediately.
      2. Use of this site is provided to the user "as is" and is carried out at its own risk and without any guarantees from the administration of the site, whether direct or
    implied warranties, including, without limitation, warranties or conditions of quality, performance, MERCHANTABILITY, or suitability for use of the site for other purposes. The site administration shall be liable for culpable non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations.
  • The administration of a site does not assume any responsibility, whether contractual liability or liability from harm, regardless of whether the site administration is aware of the possibility of these violations or damage linked or resulting from use of the site by the user, including, without limitation, for damages resulting from the demise of the:
    1. Download or otherwise obtain data through the site. None of the recommendations, obtained by the user in oral or written form from the Site shall create any warranty;
    2. Spending By maintenance works on the site with a simultaneous termination of the use of the site by the user;
    3. Occurrence of circumstances provided for in section 8 of this agreement;
    4. Actions (inaction) of other users.
  • The user shall be liable for non-fulfilment or improper fulfilment of their obligations. If any person brings the site administration lawsuit resulting from user's violation of this agreement and/or the rights of such persons, including violation of exclusive rights, the user is obliged to enter into litigation as a third persons, provide adequate compensation and to protect the authority site from damages to such third party.
    1. If we are not able to provide site usage as a result of force majeure, under the terms of the agreement, this should not be seen as a violation of us commitments to the user.
    2. To force majeure affecting, directly or indirectly, to perform site administration of this agreement include natural disasters, forces, or causes beyond our reasonable control, including, but not limited to: Disabling the Internet, computers, telecommunications or any other equipment failures, power outages, acts of public authorities, including the decisions of domestic or foreign courts or tribunals or non-performance of
  • bjazatelstv third parties.
    1. In the event of a dispute between the administration of the site and the user arising from this agreement, claim order their resolution is required.
    2. The user has the right to send a written and reasoned claim in the administration of the site if it believes that the administration of the site violates the terms of this agreement. Claim to identify the user shall not be considered by the administration of the site.
    3. The site administration shall have the right to send a written and reasoned claim in the address of the user, which in the opinion of the administration of the site violates the terms of this agreement.
    4. The deadline for claims is 30 (thirty) days from the date of its receipt by the addressee.
    5. In the event of a dispute arising out of this agreement, the pretension, the dispute will be reviewed in court at the location of the site administration.
    1. Site Administration responsibly to preserve privacy and confidential information. Administration of the Web site stores and retrieves user-supplied information, strictly adhering to the privacy policy posted on the site, in accordance with the requirements of the Federal law "on personal data" from 27.07.2006 no. 152-FZ.
    1. Site Administration respects the right of each user only receive such informational communications, to which he agreed. Site Administration when implementing such mailing informational messages adheres to this agreement, posted on the website.
    2. Site Administration provides proactive information messages solely on a voluntary basis, as well as make every effort to ensure that interaction between the user and the Site was convenient and confidential.
    3. Site administration with great attention to the issue of unsolicited advertising messages, which are endemic (hereinafter referred to as Spam). With the increasing number of users of mobile phones and Smartphones spam has become to cause significant harm to the entire community of Internet users. In connection with this site's administration is making every effort to combat spam. In this regard,
  • By site, the following measures have been taken to combat spam:
  • Obtain from the user the prior consent of the implementation of the informational messages distribution by site.
      1. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the user and Site Administration exhaustively regulate the use by the user of the site, including all the functions and services of the site, superseding any prior written or oral agreements with respect to the contents of this document. Referring to grant nature of action for using the site to relations between the administration of the site and the user does not apply the law of the Russian Federation from February 7, 1992 N 2300-I "on protection of consumer rights".
      2. In the light of the principle of equality and independence parties, any agency, employment, partnership in addition to site usage relations between the administration of the site and the user and cannot be set in this agreement. Listed and any other separate agreements are established between the administration of the site and the user.
      3. If any provision of this agreement or part thereof is found to be unenforceable by any court or administrative body having jurisdiction, such provision or portion thereof shall be removed from this Agreement, without prejudice to the competence, efficiency, possibility of enforcement of the remaining provisions of this agreement.
      4. Inaction or delay in realization of site administration of their legal rights or claims for damages under this agreement, shall not constitute a waiver of Administration site from their legitimate rights.
      5. Site Administration reserves the right to make changes to this agreement. Changes come into force from the moment of their publication on the site. You hereby acknowledge and agree that use of the site following the posting of changes to this agreement automatically imply your consent to such changes.
      6. The section titles of this agreement are established exclusively for information purposes and in no way define, limit, construe not not the contents of the corresponding section.
      7. This agreement is subject to the legislation of the Russian Federation.
      8. This agreement is made in Russian.
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