Brief for business event

You've seen our brief and your pulse has quickened. But now you're making contribution to the development of your company.

We are organizing events not just seriously and professionally! So each of your thesis, each proposal will help us develop an impressive maximum sentence, from which your heart rate will increase even more!

Additional information
On average we spend 10 days to develop a business proposal for the customer and within the tender do it for free. We really want to work as useful to us, and you, and prepared the proposal corresponded to all your wishes, including the financial side of the event.
After we have done a lot of work on the preparation of KP, we ask only 15-20 minutes of live communication, to tell you about our offer. This saves you the total time and more likely to get the desired result!
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We guarantee confidentiality of the information received. After receiving brief filled as soon as possible we will contact you to clarify the details of the event or send our offer. We will make your event model. Thank you!

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