Project tasks

  • To acquaint newcomers with corporate values, talk about the company's history and strengthen the HR brand.
  • Forge understanding between old-timers and young company employees.
  • Introduce and make employees of branches and the Central Office.
  • Ensure high attendance events.

The concept of

Party "League of extraordinary scholars focuses on engineers and" techies ", intellectuals. Participants find themselves in an alternate future, where prevail complex mechanisms and high technology. Employees need to solve logical puzzles, and the holiday rich in intellectual entertainment. Corporate values of the company are displayed in the sandy Shaw, and they become the main theme of "your game." Futuristichnosti holiday give dancers in laser suits and unconventional stand-up of molecular cuisine, as well as Nitro Bar.

Invitation to the event can be read only with the help of mirrors: this is the so-called mystery of Leonardo da Vinci, which should please any engineer. At a party meet the constant references to the best minds mankind that participants were able to get into the scientific atmosphere of the event. At the end of the holiday team charges the company logo OSTEC that opens a new era in the history of RAdevelopment of the company.

Chips project

  • As the company focuses on the great scientists of the past and has positioned itself as a community of modern scholars, the style of Steampunk best reveals corporate values OSTEC.
  • At the Festival managed to collect 98% instead of the standard 60%: the trick with the invitation clearly gave the result.
  • Intelligent entertainment and hi-tech steel pillars of activities.
  • Consolidate positive emotional effect using the TESLA could SHOW, during which the company's employees all together have charged the company logo.
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