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International Youth Forum for Moscow metro

Project tasks

  • Attract young employees to work in the metro
  • To show how important youth's participation in the company is
  • As a result of the innovation competition, draw up a plan for their implementation
  • Start the activities of the Youth Council of The Metro

The concept of

The International Youth Forum "Metro 2033: There is a way out!" was held for 3 days in different locations.

Day 1 - Official part. Opening Ceremony, meeting participants, joint development of mission and values of the Youth Council.

Day 2 - Forum. Holding a competition of innovative projects. 

Day 3 - Interactive and a tour of Moscow. Entertainment program "City of the Future" referred participants to the events of the fantastic trilogy "Metro 2033" D. Glukhov: protective suits, gas masks, the passage of the obstacle course.

Chips project

  • Guests were fed by the dining room of the Met, unexpectedly, even for themselves, acting as a provider of catering services. With our help coped to cheers!
  • The Youth Council has become a full-fledged working body, which to this day influences the development of the company and the introduction of new ideas.
  • A short-made show that showed the audience the history of the development of subways around the world and smoothly brought to the "today".
  • After 2 days in the main office of the Moscow Metro on the 3rd day of the participants expected a surprise. On the territory of the Moscow boarding house they were offered to test themselves - to pass the obstacle course based on the fantasy "Metro 2033."

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