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Corporate parties will change the format

What safety measures will have to be observed on the holiday


Moscow business was allowed to hold New Year's corporate parties. However, many companies decided to abandon them anyway. Event agencies are talking about mass cancellation of orders. And some clients still have not decided on either the site or the format. Perhaps now there will be more clarity - the Moscow mayor's office told what security measures will have to be observed at the holiday if the company wants to hold it offline. What will be the corporate parties this year? And how much will they cost? Vladislav Viktorov found out.

Under the new rules of the mayor's office, only small companies will be able to afford a corporate party in the traditional format. After all, there should be no more than 50 guests. Dancing until the morning is also not expected - the event will have to be completed before 23.00. And if earlier, after the official part, the holiday could be continued in a fashionable metropolitan bar, now there will be no such opportunity.

However, even before the announcement of the rules, half of the clients decided to abandon corporate events, according to the BigJack event agency.

There are companies that have not yet decided. And current orders are mainly related to leisure outside the capital, says the founder and director of the agency Nikolai Andreev: "Events in the suburbs, a country hotel that has a banquet and conference venues. There are outdoor activities, winter fun for 800 people, where people, of course, are removed from each other. Someone is considering the format of events in their office. Well, some companies in our country are considering trips of tops up to 50 people, exclusive tours, for example, to Sochi or Suzdal.


There is another option - online corporate parties. But the business is wary of them, remembering the spring parties in ZOOM with a shudder. In vain, say the players of the event market. Now there are much more interesting options. For example, culinary team building: employees will be able to cook New Year's dishes with a famous chef. And large companies are preparing online parties with technical

Yuri Miroshnikov, director of the Republic Free event agency, said: "We rent a virtual studio where we invite presenters, artists, sometimes representatives of the management come, and, accordingly, we send event boxes to the company's employees, which contain catering sets, sometimes costume elements, if we are talking about some kind of theme party, gifts to employees. "

And what about the prices for New Year's corporate parties? Some event agencies say they have reduced the cost by about 15% compared to last year. And the companies themselves are not ready to spend a lot on the holiday now, continues event producer Anastasia Alexandrova: "Event agencies have suffered seriously in terms of budget this year.

The level of requests fell by about 30% - 40%.

Online, it seems to me, is cheaper, people save on renting a site, on off-site catering, on serving waiters. Still, an online stream in this regard combines a platform and delivery, it can all be cheaper.


Famous showmen and artists will be at traditional corporate parties and online parties. But the event must be safe first of all, otherwise they will refuse to perform at it, says producer Joseph Prigogine: "There are a lot of artists, there are fewer corporate parties by half, respectively, people will selectively approach the issue: either take very relevant ones, or take very loved ones. The problem is that any event, no matter how we hold it, is a risk for both the artist and the guests. For example, unfortunately, we ourselves are forced to refuse even many events. You can get the money, but that money will be your last."

Some company executives told Kommersant FM on November 12 that this year they had opted for a regular party in the office. The mayor's office also took into account this option: they stressed that the new rules on the number of guests and time must be observed on the territory of the organization itself. True, it is not clear how this will be checked.

From today, all restaurants and clubs stop working after 23 hours. Restrictions will also apply on New Year's Eve.

Elena Ivanova

Source: Online Edition « "Kommersant"

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