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Nikolai Andreev: Interview for RBC

Nikolai Andreev: Interview for RBC

"Agencies faced a mass cancellation of New Year's corporate events."

"Nikolai Andreev, as one of the experts, tells how the big jack event agency works in the era of coronavirus and self-isolation, and explains what format of New Year's corporates are chosen by companies this year.

"The number of New Year's corporates ordered in specialized agencies has already decreased by at least half this year," Larissa Fortune, president of the Russian Marketing Services Association, told RBC. According to her, clients mostly refuse to hold pre-New Year events because of the pandemic, but someone is just trying to save money and expects to organize corporate on their own.

"About 50% of our 300 key clients have decided not to do anything this year," confirms this assessment, the CEO of the event agency Big Jack Nikolai Andreev confirms this assessment.

Typically, up to 70% of large corporate events numbering from 300 people have already been ordered by September, as in December there are so-called golden dates - two Fridays before the New Year and on these dates in advance looking for a platform, artists and waiters, explains Andreev. Now, he said, many customers don't see the point in ordering stars."

From the interview for RBC "The agencies faced a mass cancellation of New Year's corporates." 12.11.20

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