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Organization of business tourism (MICE)

Solve problems

  • No new strategies and goals for the year
  • Poorly developed corporate culture
  • A small number of business contacts, the lack of reliable partners and investors

Achieve results

  • Carry out bright, unforgettable event abroad
  • Cover operational problems in the free atmosphere
  • Communicate ideas and values company for internal and external consumer

Organization of MICE events: corporate tourism

Market and the corporate world is evolving constantly and come to Russia not previously known concepts and formats, including activities of M.I.C.E. "what is it?"-legitimate question asked by our potential clients, seeing a new abbreviation.

M.I.C.E. -a concept which combines a custom business outreach activities:

  • Meetings-business appointments, meetings, and various meetings attended by both managers and employees of one company and representatives of different organizations;
  • Incentives events, employees a means to stimulate and promote employees, clients and partners;
  • Conferences-industry or corporate conferences, forums, conferences and other similar events;
  • Exhibitions-activities that organize to provide brand products, new developments to a wide audience. This and all kinds of exhibitions and press tours, and festivals.

The listed formats are rarely found in its pure form. Most often as part of outbound tourism combine several diverse activities and objectives.

Corporate events MICE prestigious. They benefit the company and its employees, give the opportunity to find new partners, not limited to one region or country to present products and brand on the international market.

Business tourism: the essence and characteristics of the Organization

For a start-a few figures. Corporate travel covers 140 countries order: all State first-world and Asia, several Arab and African countries even. Each year, businesses from all over the world commit 610 million trips and flights, and the turnover of the whole industry is 430 billion dollars. This is not the limit: per year load platforms for organization of business tourism is growing by approximately 6.5%.

From normal business travel MICE distinguishes fascination: business issues that require personal presence, complemented by recreational activities, tours, furshetami. Such travel combine elements of working trips and vacations at the expense of the company.

Organization of MICE events solves a number of problems and meeting with partners and brand promotion, and participation in image events, whether exhibition or Conference, and excellent promotion for individual employees and total team. Decision rabochih issues within the business tourism can be combined with the training, development, motivation specialists working in your company.

Mice-business tourism which will benefit much more brand, business, team, than traditional working trip. In this you can see for yourself.

Organization of corporate travel from MICE companies

"Big Jack" has no boundaries and does not limit its customers. We work throughout Moscow, Moscow region, Russia. We work at home and abroad. Thailand and Turkey, Croatia and Greece-list countries in which we are ready to organize an event, it makes no sense. Our geography is not limited to Europe: you can go anywhere in the world. The only question is timing and budget.

The company "Big Jack" will take care of all your travel activities in the framework of the Summit were held. We will help you choose the location, if it is irrelevant to the issue, develop business solutions program, calculate the cost of travel. Our employees have extensive experience in organizing travel: Visa and, if necessary, passports, airline tickets and hotel rooms, airport transfers and meals we will take care of itself.

We will organize the most unusual MICE events to solve business issues and team building. You will find original and memorable journey which will bring results.

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