How was Super Bowl 2021 in the pandemic era?

How was Super Bowl 2021 in the pandemic era?

Pictured is a festive fireworks display during the Super Bowl. Source:

On February 7, at 2:30 Moscow time, Super Bowl LV was held, the 55th final game for the title of national football league champion of the USA National Football League (NFL). Due to the coronavirus restrictions, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa was only 30 per cent full, with 22,000 people attending the match.

Because the Super Bowl audience is huge, the airtime of the match is the best marketing move for any advertiser. The cost is appropriate: this year for 30 seconds of advertising had to pay 5 million dollars. In this regard, companies take advertising as seriously as possible. The Super Bowl is also a great opportunity for film companies to create excitement around the upcoming film. Therefore, the debut trailers of the expected film projects are frequent guests in the telecast of the final match.

This year's highlights were:

  • Unreal performance of The Weeknd with major hits for almost 15 minutes.
  • A movie of disney animated film, which will be broadcast in theaters and on the service Disney.
  • The Cadillac commercial, where Timothy Chalame plays the son of Edward Scissorhands, the character of Johnny Depp from the film of the same name.
  • Amazon commercial, where Michael B. Jordan plays voice assistant Alexa.
  • Marvel Studious Trailers

Halftime Show involves a large-scale performance of the artist with a bright pyrotechnic show, acrobatic and, most importantly, musical numbers where a huge number of dancers and backingvocalists can take part. Every year, performing in this part of the Super Bowl means a well-organized show that keeps the audience's attention for 15 minutes. It is a great privilege to perform at the Super Bowl, and usually only top performers are invited to take the field.

The Weeknd musician was the headliner of this year's Halftime Show. The performance took place in between the second and third quarters of the game in the form of the hero emusic videos for tracks from the last album After Hours, released in March last year.  The Weeknd wore a red Givenchy jacket, black trousers, shirt, tie and leather gloves, and it took about 250 hours to prepare his image.

His performance The Weeknd opened with a chorus of "robots" performing the opening part of the song Call Out My Name, and during the track Can't Feel My Face, the performer was joined by his double with bandaged heads. Earlier in an interview with Variety, he explained that this kind of look he tries to reflect the "absurd culture of Hollywood stars" who change themselves to please people and become more popular. His manager Wassim Sleibi added that while the organizers cover the cost of the show, the singer also invested his own $7 million to "make the show at halftime as he intended it to be."

Miley Cyrus and Billy Idol also performed live for TikTok, as well as poet Amanda Gorman, who previously became the youngest poet ever to perform at the U.S. presidential inauguration.

In addition, a lot of celebrities took part in commercials that show in the breaks of the final match. Each advertisement is essentially a work of marketing art, and many advertisements are part of the world history of advertising. Thus, Timothy Chalame and Winona Ryder starred in an advertisement for the Cadillac model with handless control technology, inspired by Tim Burton's film "Edward Scissorhands".

The original "flat" image was created by Matthew McConaughey, in which he took part in the advertising of Doritos crisps. Rapper Drake starred in an advertisement for the insurance company State Farm, and David Fincher acted as the director for the commercial brewing company.

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