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Nikolai Andreev Interview RBC

"Agencies have named ways to hold corporate in the era of COVID-bans"

It goes on to say: "The pandemic has drastically reduced the demand for the services of event agencies organizing New Year's corporate events. However, companies in these conditions also find an opportunity to earn money.

The coronavirus pandemic and the associated restrictions imposed by the authorities in most regions have led companies to abandon traditional corporates en masse this year. RBC interviewed agencies that specialize in organizing holidays and found out how they get out of the situation. Some corporates will be held on skating rinks, some go online, others - in the shade. Among this year's know-how is Santa Claus, whom children "accidentally" meet on the streets.

In previous years, corporates began in November and went until March. The further away from the New Year, the more money was saved. In 2020, according to the CEO of the event agency Big Jack Nikolai Andreev, offline events are organized only by individual companies. "According to my observations, the number of "cancellation" may be close to 95-99%," the interlocutor told RBC.

Andreev noted that for the successful involvement of people during online celebrations are well suited, for example, lotteries. "A person will be ready to sit to the end, if in an online event there will be a raffle of good, expensive offline gifts - iPhones, certificates. As a rule, people are motivated by everything that is more expensive than 5-10 thousand rubles, even if they are well-to-do people," he added.

An alternative to online events is the organization of New Year's celebrations on the street, on the rink, although in this case customers have some concerns. "If you, like HR, ordered an event, and because of this someone got sick, the management will have questions. People are not ready to take responsibility," Andreev said.

Another option is to organize events in closed, non-public venues. For example, lofts and apartments in Moscow City. "If the conditional Rospotrebnadzor decides to carry out a raid, it will most likely go to restaurants, and the apartment still needs to be usedI don't know what to do. Roughly speaking, the market is partly overshadowed," he said.

Material from 25.12.20

Source: RBC

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