Project tasks

  • Collect the maximum number of visitors and increase their loyalty to the new shopping mall
  • Include a protocol part for guests from the Moscow and regional leadership

The concept of

For the opening ceremony of the new shopping center Ecobazar, we used the concept of Russian fair folk festivities. High guests from the leadership, who were greeted by girls in bright national costumes, gave a start to the holiday. Visitors were provided with all kinds of entertainment, treats, music and games.

We managed to kill two hares - to combine folk festivities on the occasion of obensk Day, and to hold the opening of the shopping center Ecobazar. Our family and noisy holiday pleased with the abundance of fun and competitions for the youngest residents of the city, as well as a variety of natural fresh products and a concert for the older population.

Chips project

  • Original folklore theme and cheerful, light atmosphere of the fair a la russe.
  • The mass street format of the event.
  • The participation of high-profile guests - the governor of the Kaluga region and 30 officials from Moscow, led to the need for a protocol part.
  • A lot of entertainment and entertainment for all categories of visitors: the baton in bags, the visual process of forging swords, the children's inflatable labyrinth, national incendiary dances, prizes and gifts at the end of the competitions.

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