Project tasks

  • Change targeting: MINI is suitable not only for women, but also for men
  • Attract a new male target audience and win its loyalty

The concept of

At the opening of the BMW MINI Autoport dealership, we created a party for modern English gentlemen. The atmosphere of the event resembled a standard London pub: muted light, bar, light snacks, live music. It seemed that we were about to see Prince Harry himself, in jeans and with a glass of beer in his hand.

As a result, the restrained atmosphere of a closed club for the chosen presented the car MINI as something laconic, prestigious and quite worthy of men of the 21st century.

Chips project

  • Active targeting in facebook, vkontakte and instagram was used to attract maximum target male audiences.
  • Guests were treated to mini burgers and cocktails, and on the street everyone was waiting for a food truck with a delicious Turkish shawarma from the company Durum-Durum.
  • All evening, using light projection technology, guests showed their creativity - painted a life-size MINI model.
  • And of course... English Bulldogs - we couldn't help but invite them!

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