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Regatta in Crimea for Efes

Project tasks

  • Sailing with elements of an adventure quest
  • Gather 40 participants from 15 regions of Russia at the event, keep them informed of the events related to the trip
  • Provide participants with a flight from Moscow to Crimea, comfortable accommodation and food.
  • Come up with a rich entertainment program with a lot of activities that can be changed by situation

The concept of

"The Wind: Heirs of Taurida" is an exciting sea adventure and unforgettable emotions! Participants will go in search of ancient treasures, meet with mermaids and treacherous pirates.

The first day includes sailing competitions and a fascinating walk to the monument to the sunken ships. The next day, participants go out to the open sea to compete for a treasure trove of brands, and then go on a picnic in the picturesque Blue Bay.

Spectacular end of the evening are dancing to live music and a luxurious dinner, which solemnly awards the winners of the regatta and quest.

The next day was also filled with water activities: first the regatta and the adventure quest "Clad of Brands," then a sea walk to Balaklava. Especially for a picnic - a stop in the Blue Bay, where you could swim. In the evening - a gala dinner with the awarding of the winners of the regatta and quest, dancing and general fun!

Chips project

  • On the eve of the trip, employees could call the hot number and ask any questions.
  • We care about the safety of each of our customers. Therefore, before going out to the open sea, all participants studied the basics of navigation and took a course on safety on the water.
  • The division into teams strengthened the competitive element and allowed all participants to enjoy the regatta.
  • During a short stop at Cape Fiolent you could walk on the wild beach, swim and participate in team competitions.
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