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Solve problems

  • The lack of communication between the staff of the non-project
  • Poorly developed teamwork skills
  • Bad attitude in making decisions in a situation of uncertainty
  • Poor strategic thinking of individual team members

Achieve results

  • Establish close ties among the participants of the event
  • Give to the staff a variety of impressions
  • After events formed the "Club"

Organization corporate sailing regatta.

This regatta-water match multiple commands using the sailing ships.

Aboard the sailing ship participating in the competition, cannot stay away. The team here are formed in a natural way. Only intelligently distribute responsibilities, selecting a captain and Assistant, just listening to each other, you can make the ship budge and go to the right spot.

Corporate regatta is worth a lot, but it has a lot of advantages over other methods of team building. There's no need to embellish fotozonami and famous artists, it does not require straightening literate lead: walk on water on the sailing yacht will raise the interest of each employee and will bring only good emotions.

Potrattes to organize regattas, if you want to:

  • build a truly strong team;
  • do your employees not just colleagues, but friends and interests;
  • Remove psychological barriers once and for all;
  • increase loyalty to the leadership.

Than good team building on the water?

First of all, its efficiency. With a sailing regatta can match even the game of paintball: your employees are at present yacht and take part in this race. You don't have to worry about how to motivate workers and cause them to be actively involved. All this will be without artificial methods.

For someone corporate sailing regatta in Moscow is an opportunity to gain new experience and skills from skipper, someone will be happy to fly to another country or a breath of fresh air in the Moscow region. Someone will capture the sailing itself.

The regatta takes place virtually without outside interference. On Board will be only a professional instructor who will help you cope with the Office, tell me how and where to go. Everything else-from choosing the Commander prior to the distribution of responsibilities-will take over the command. Thus, your employees will understand that can independently organize work, getting closer to each other, forget about psychological and emotional barriers standing between them before.

Perhaps taking part in human on the water, your employees activities sailing, will form the Club and begin to communicate with each other outside of working hours. This is a good development situation: the team, which is dominated by friendships, where better cope with itstheir duties and is capable of self-organization.

Corporate sailing regattas abroad?

With event-agency "BIG Jack" nothing is impossible. We will help you organize team building on yachts and will make sure that your team has turned into a cohesive and effective team.

We offer two options for corporate regattas. The first-over budget and not-so-long. We closely communicate with the yacht-clubs in the Moscow region-Kljazminskogo and the Pirogov reservoirs. Here you can pick up small sailing yachts and hold a little contest. The regatta will take no more than a day: tomorrow, your employees will be able to go to work.

A more expensive option-regatta in the Mediterranean. You will be able to travel from Croatia, Greece or Montenegro. We will take care of organizing the flight, transfer, accommodation, food and, of course, most competitions.

Corporate regatta is expensive, but you have nothing to fear. Our principle-open financial policy. We will give you the entire list of expenses from the rental of ships to aircraft tickets and you will be able to adjust the budget personally.

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