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Large-scale teambuilding for Evroplana

Project tasks

  • Develop a vigorous active program with a powerful komandoobrazovaniem.
  • Integrate in teambuilding complex job on transport issues.
  • Find playground with professional equipment and backstage for a corporate Kvn.

The concept of

In "Europlan" for many years stored energy source that must be recharged once a year: then all employees with new forces will make their customers happier and successful. Task teams-charge the battery, which will launch the "heart" of the city, distributes energy in all its streets and buildings!

In "the city", the 4 platforms:

  • "In the city"-active timbildingovye job.
  • Urban route "-quest with smart tasks.
  • "City Rhythm"-dance master class.
  • "Modern art"-creative task on painting murals.

The team has consistently moved between them, earning the particles energy for charging common batteries. In order to charge became complete, parties need to fulfil common dance-and then the letters EUROPLAN catches fire!

Chips project

  • The transport theme has found its reflection in the jobs platform "in the city": participants built bridges, moved by boat and worked on the "tire service.
  • To paint the team gave its area on the General Panel, but which turned out to be a difficult task: the colors that you want to use encrypted in equations. While some have done the calculations, other mixed paint and hit them on the Panel.
  • Forum for teambuilding was chosen JekoLoft, where all participants not only 650 comfortably housed, but easily moved between objects.
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