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Organization of forums

Solve problems

  • Small renown company brand
  • Lack of adequate number of clients
  • «Zastojavshiesja» frames, low interest among prospective employees

Achieve results

  • Clearly formulate themes and emphases of the event in the advertising campaign
  • Show the company that you can be proud of
  • Label topical problems in the sphere of your activity
  • Implement interesting scenario, inviting occupational lead

Forums: share successes, assimilating the experience

Along with the Conference, the Forum is an effective tool for interaction between market players in a specific business sector. The Forum is a pretext to exchange information with customers, partners, and workers. In particular, such activities involve disclosure of the company's achievements, the designation of the actual problems in the sphere of your activity, as well as search the vector for further development.

Do you want:

  • "unleash" the brand of the company;
  • to acquire new customers, attract fresh footage;
  • learn from the experience of other market players.


  • the Organization of the Forum.

Organization of exhibitions and conferences: some features

Organization of conferences and exhibitions is one of the first steps to reach a new level of activity of the company. And nesmotrja that the Forum is a bit different from the Conference, where the main emphasis is put on the development of methods for solving business issues, this type of business event as the Forum also helps strengthen brand enterprises.

The main task at the initial stage of holding conferences, forums, exhibitions and other events-clear phrasing and exact accents in an advertising campaign. It is an incorrect message becomes a stumbling block in achieving the desired results.

The second step in organizing press conferences and other business events also relates to preparatory moments. Talking about the design of a platform holding the Forum in accordance with the theme of the event. Not least is nutrition planning. The best option is the catering as a banquet or buffet table.

The last step is to control the technical aspects of the activities and compliance Forum program. By the way, for reamobilizing event scenario often invited speaker-the man who knows how to keep the parties concerned throughout the Forum.

Hold a forum along with the "Big Jack"

Any business event is distinguished by a large number of preparatory works. This is a rental of exhibition equipment and its delivery, selection and rent an optimal platform, stand decoration, hiring interpreters in case an invitation to foreign delegates, ensuring guests transport. No less issues need to solve with the direct holding of the Forum. Using event-agency "BIG Jack", you, as a customer, forget about these problems.

"BIG Jack" organizes and supports PR-campaign in all phases of the event. Event-agency can how to do manufacturing souvenirs and other brendirovanoj products and online advertising and publications in mass media about your forum.

& laqUO; BIG Jack "organizes forums not only in Moscow, but also in other cities of the Russian Federation. Asking for help in the event-agency, you pay money for working professionals and for confidence in the highest level of the event.

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