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5-th General Assembly of the International Union of disabled persons

Project tasks

  • An international forum, held for the first time in Russia, at a high level
  • Provide logistics and technical equipment of the participants of the event
  • Provide professional interpreters
  • Arrange speakers

Chips project

  • Organized in the shortest possible time because the event was confirmed only this week. Agreed on issues with visas, transfers and accommodation limited participants.
  • To support the arriving participants and instant solutions to their problems worked 24-hour call center.
  • Assembled a team of highly qualified translators for comfortable interaction between multinational membership. Individual experts conducted simultaneous translation with 4 languages.
  • Have been in touch with the client 24/7, as organizers and stakeholders were events in different time zones, and eventually were able to take into account the interests of all parties.
  • In preparing the meeting, we were inspired by the willpower of the participants and the project largely flipped consciousness commands Big Jack.
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