Project tasks

  • Increase Gremm Group brand awareness
  • Thank the employees of the company's back office with the help of organizing a corporate event
  • Highlight and thank tenants

The concept of

"Golden Frying Pan" is an annual award from GREMM GROUP for the best representatives of the industry. 600 people, including tenants of markets, sellers and employees of the company, for the first time were together and plunged into a cozy New Year's atmosphere.

Particular attention was paid to details: from hostess dresses, selected in the color of the logo, to the ability of guests to perform music on what is the heart of their work - on vegetables and fruits. The symbol of the evening was the train, which greeted guests in the form of a projection on the building to carry them straight into the New Year.

Chips project

  • The headliner of the event, Igor Mann, shared the features of street marketing and gathered a stormy ovation from the participants.
  • Individual original invitations in the form of "credit cards" - the probable currency of the future.
  • Master classes on laser harp and musical fruits.
  • Cozy welcome-zone and innovative space of the hall for the forum.
  • A mesmerizing show-ballet Rush-Style, filled with magnetic attraction.
  • Solemn award "Golden Frying Pan" with a detailed director's program.

Unique video content, symbolizing the main idea of the evening: "Together into the future!".

Incendiary performance of the cover band, which charged all the guests of the event with a festive mood.

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