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Adventure quest

Solve problems

  • Lack of teamwork and support
  • Failure to allocate responsibility zone
  • No one wants to take on leadership

Achieve results

  • Select the desired format, depending on the nature of the firm
  • Enable each team member demonstrate its "I"
  • Long charge employees positive emotions

Adventure teambuilding quest: learning to work in a team

Are your employees to emergency rush? To complex situations when it is important to not only work quickly and smoothly solve problems without quarrels, stress and other negative points? Can you guarantee yourself that your team is able to work in a tense setting?

If you haven't checked out his team in practice, do it right now-arrange corporate quest with elements of team building. This is an interesting and very useful for your employees and business event.

Within-your employees will learn of the quest:

  • distribute responsibility;
  • take responsibility for decisions;
  • agree with each other;
  • support to other team members.

Corporate scenario quests designed to solve several tasks: generate strong, strong team, identify weaknesses and real leaders in the team, accustom to solve tasks in difficult circumstances.

Why hold a corporate quest?

Team building tools quite a bit. This and the traditional team building, built on the psychological training, and games-smart and entertaining, and the usual corporate parties. What is the difference between them corporate quest?

First of all, the high degree of involvement of the players. Each employee, each team member plays a role, and only teamwork brings results.

Quest for team building in Moscow is popular enough and in large organizations, and small, young firms. It is a modern, interesting, current event, variations of which are countless. Quest combines the intellectual, creative, physical activity.

One of the formats-mobile quest» represents a mix of different jobs. In the event your employees can demonstrate their physical training, erudition and speed thinking, creativity.

Another format-"catarafting"-teambuilding-quest in nature, involving tight teamwork. Each employee will be able to prove itself. So, engineers-technologists will gather catamaran, erudite team members-solve some interesting tasks and people with good physical preparation will take in hand paddles.

Enjoy your workers and quest "Vikings in search of hammer Tora». It will be a real adventure for Office employees. Your employees will go on nature, overcome the rise will go across the river pereplyvut rope park. To succeed in the quest you need to got to the finish line, all members of the team.

Interested in other corporate quests in nature? Want to limit urban event? Or plan to relocate employees abroad? We can organize a corporate quest in the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Baltic States or in the Balkans-in short, wherever you want.

"Big Jack": adventure will not keep you waiting!

Event-agency "big JACK" holds the original event as part of team building. Select any ready script or order a unique. Tell us about what goals you pursue who in your team, and what budget you have. Share with us their vision quest team-script-and we will prepare and carry out the brightest adventure in the life of your employees!

Technical equipment, script, selection and preparation of location, shuttle service and catering, entertainment and awards-we decide all matters relating to the Organization of the quest, and will make sure that the event brought plenty of positive emotions to your staff.

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