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Organization of exhibitions

Solve problems

  • Lack of information about the client demand for certain groups of goods
  • The low level of sales of a particular product or product group
  • A small company's popularity

Achieve results

  • Select the scope of the activities of the exhibition
  • Define the format of the event depending on business needs
  • Increase efficiency of interaction with suppliers
  • Prepare a detailed report on the event

Organization of exhibitions as a sales tool and branding

Exhibitions (translated from English)-part of the global marketing strategy for a company that wants to play or already plays an important role in the industry and on the market. Introducing their products within the business event, telling about new developments and solving old problems, you give the opportunity to its clients to keep a finger on the pulse of your company. Having invest in exhibitions for industrial purposes or having taken part in a major industry event, you'll discover new partners, customers, suppliers.

The exhibition is best, if you want to:

  • analyze demand for those or other goods, which are produced by your company;
  • a major advertising campaign;
  • boost sales and, hence, profits.

Our services for the Organization of the exhibition-a good way to express yourself in the trade market to present their achievements and reputation.

Peculiarities of organization and holding of exhibitions

The first industrial-technical exhibition held in the eighteenth century, in London. Originally the organizers chased one goal-to draw public attention to new developments, inventions, capable of change and, in General, create an industry. Subsequently, as scientific and technical progress, the objectives changed. Now these activities are addressing multiple tasks: companies-exhibitors can attract more customers, new partners, investors, suppliers, partners and competitors themselves-to share experiences and to learn from other competitive advantages players in the market, and customers choose for themselves a radically new products.

Classifications of exhibitions quite a lot, and you can select the option that most closely meets your goals and budget. Events can be:

  • as a regional and international;
  • one-time and regular;
  • communication, information, trade;
  • industry and universal.

The format of the event itself is important. In addition to the large, regional and international exhibitions, which are usually carried out with the support of the public authorities and industry associations, there are corporate exhibitions. They have limited exposure to one company and enable you to familiarize with the goods the target audience.

At such exhibitions could be presented all goods and timesdevelopment of the company. They were usually accompanied by information boards that tell about the history and achievements of the company. You can set and a separate group of goods. This is a good option for the trade organization working with many suppliers. There are exhibitions and marketing lead suppliers and vendors.

Correctly choosing the format, scale, type of event, you get an efficient tool to work with the audience.

Services for the Organization of exhibitions in "Big Jack"

On the market of business events company "big JACK" works for more than six years. We got considerable experience in organizing exhibitions of different scales and formats and are ready to help you.

We'll work out a vivid title, will take care of the registration booths and the products themselves, establish contacts with the media, will conduct comprehensive training for a future event.

Our staff will help select future event concept, platform, time and format. We will prepare an accurate estimate and determine the ultimate amount which would be required for the Organization and holding of exhibitions. On the basis of the work, we will prepare a detailed report that will allow you to analyze the effectiveness of the activities and work out the bugs, if any.

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