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Business technology event: stages, especially nuances

Business technology event: stages, especially nuances

Business games, strategic sessions, forums, Conference entertainment in developing a harder, more important tasks. Implementing several large-scale projects, representatives of Big Jack are willing to share their experiences.

Stages of organization: from the target audience to uglevodnosti coffee break

Stage 1: analysis of the target audience

Before you can develop a program to select and invite speakers, we thoroughly study the target audience. It's not just about age, sex, social status and level of wealth, but also on the experience of future participants or spectators. In the case of in-house business activities is relatively simple: we talk with leaders, we learn what meeting, Conference, games have been held, what speakers spoke about what they were saying. Some speakers repeated the same thing over and over again, and the audience is unlikely to be interesting to listen to what they have heard several months ago.

Stage two: development of the program and search for speakers

Learn about the experiences and knowledge, you can create a baggage program that will overlap with the previous activities and complement the overall picture. Forum or Conference can be the logical continuation of the series of meetings which have already conducted.

At this stage it is important to choose the speakers, to work out the timing, determine what would be needed for activities and what investments are needed.

Stage three: working with speakers and moderators of the sessions

About speakers we already mentioned: it must be people whom viewers have not heard or that, at least, will not be repeated. Their statements should be dedicated to the theme of the event and reveal one of its faces.

Well, if the speakers would be key-motivational-speaker. He can tell that something is not quite on the topic, but his speech will overlap with the purpose of the event.

A good example of a motivational speaker — Vladislav Tretjak. He talks about the success of his team, describes the path to victory, "charges" the audience to succeed, even if they are doctors or economists. The theme of sport victories, competitions, the road to success "comes" in the events dedicated to the business or pursue business goals: in either case, we are talking about the fight, overcoming yourself and your capabilities, combined command and individual work .

Moderators are not identical to recreational activities, but they perform the same work. They are not simply "fill pauses between the speakers, but also talk about acting, make conclusions. Moderators of the sessions do not read from notes and did not say a memorized text: they have to quickly navigate, understand subject, summarize.

At the meeting, you can invite someone who has extensive experience conducting business meetings, or just famous and respected person. So well meet Leonid Parfyonov and Vladimir Posner.

Fourth stage: study of the content

As would be interesting on the event, it is still a business, and not entertainment. From the speeches are too long, people get tired and lengthy meetings just to leave well before the end. Precise timing, which will comply with all participants, will save the situation:

  • Statement of each speaker you want to restrict. Optimal — no more than 20-30 minutes. To visiting people have not broken the timing, you need to create a presentation and rehearse with them according to plan and the key themes of the speech.
  • With the speakers not enough run on the presentation: it is important to determine exactly how long it will take for each slide, taking into account the speed of speech and themes where the light will fall, how he should move. It is important that visiting people well memorized all that will do and say.
  • Every 1.5-2 hours, it is important to take a break: people need to exercise, walk, take a breath of fresh air, talk etc
corner with a friend. Many come to events to communicate and establish contacts, not only listen to the speakers.
  • After lunch breaks to do more often and longer. Viewers gradually tired, productivity falls, and this must be taken into account.
  • Along with regular breaks you can arrange a speech of "drum" team building. It is important that people have worked with his hands, podvigalis, talked. It "awakens", activates the psyche.
  • Intelligently constructed script events is an important part of success. But that's not all. Organizers need to take care about all nuances of future events. Even a small detail can ruin everything.

    "Chips", which shares the Big Jack

    There are a number of nuances that could play into the hands of the organizer or, Alternatively, spoil the event. We will talk about them.

    Cash gap ticket

    In-house events organiseda relatively simple: just call the employees and partners. Tricky-business forums and conferences that hold for all comers. Selling tickets to these events, and thus it is necessary to arrange a full advertising campaign and consider all ways of financing costs. Otherwise, waiting for the cash gap and failure.

    If you plan to sell tickets, keep in mind: most of the shoppers in recent weeks and days. So kindly allot of money to cover all expenses for the event.


    Short videos on 15-30 seconds, telling of the speaker and his life, about the theme of his speech, and much more, make the event is brighter and more interesting. You can show them until the speaker goes on stage. Shoot the teasers need to separately.

    Lunch and snacks

    From the menu of coffee-break or lunch depending how guests will feel. Nourishing, but too hard food (e.g.,meat dishes), and enjoy visitors. But to her body to digest, spend too much force, and after a hearty lunch guests want to sleep. Not worth the menu include cauliflower, beans, beans and other foods that cause flatulence.

    The perfect choice for the menu — the infamous "fast" carbs. They quickly absorbed, quickly saturate and charge, and your customers instantly back into operation.

    Business event harder, more important, more versatile entertainment. Come here to share experiences, network with colleagues and establish business relationships, learn something interesting and just escape. The event was not just a successful and high-profile, you need to consider every detail — from selecting the speaker to uglevodnosti coffee break.

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