Project tasks

  • To embody in the scenario of the holiday the idea of "25 years - we work wisely"
  • Organize a stunning holiday that will be remembered for a long time
  • To unite the team and strengthen friendly relations between employees

The concept of

How to arrange an original holiday and surprise guests who create and invent each day? Welcome to the Outstanding Minds Club! This is a private party where participants are waiting for thematic entertainment, intellectual games and competitions.

The event was held in the open air. Fresh air, live music, what could be better? Partial seating allowed employees to communicate freely, sitting in comfortable chairs-bags and tents. In the evening, guests were waiting for the enchanting drum show "Moscow Hook" and disco for the famous rock hits. The culmination of the holiday was a group photo from a drone.

Chips project

  • The invitation to the elite club underlined the importance of the event and the high status of the staff.
  • The main motive of the holiday was the experience of famous scientists, which was reflected in the preliminary involvement. The greatest geniuses of the past sent short messages with assignments to Whatsapp participants. They could only be done by uniting and helping each other.
  • The entertainment program did not leave anyone indifferent. Guests were happy to participate in experiments with liquid nitrogen, launch rockets, play logical games and create their own music with the help of vegetables and fruits.
  • Employees have shown themselves not only in intellectual entertainment, but also in creativity. In between games and competitions, they together painted the banner "OSTEC - a meeting of great minds."
  • Employees could take colorful photos as a keepsake. To do this, the territory was a thematic photo zone with a large green apple, which reflected the famous legend of the fruit that fell on the head of Newton.
  • The bright and dynamic end of the evening was the music program. Guests took part in a drum show and lit the dance floor to the songs of the popular cover band "Rock-Band".
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