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Adventure quest-homepage for British American tobacco

Project tasks

  • Tight creative contact among employees.
  • Adventure and cognitive form of leisure.
  • Effective rallying teams based on intellectual and venturous.

The concept of

The first day was devoted to the Conference, representatives from different countries, and on the following morning, participants engaged in treasure hunting Yaroslavychi. To obtain a magical treasure trove to schedule. The coordinates of every new job define commands using GPS, tentatively deciding puzzle. Sms sometimes come hints allow you to guess a new Riddle.  

Chips project

  • Unlike classical sports, urban orienteering has several ways of setting control points. It can be addresses, local names and guidance inherent in the urban landscape. Some of the puzzles can be solved only with the help of GPS-Navigator.
  • The participants visited the pottery shop and blacksmith's House, where they were able to not only get acquainted with the work of the masters, but also to make a pot or forge nail.
  • Award all became not only memorable, but also the traditional drink of suzdal-Mead! Return to the hotel, participants in this carriage.

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