Project tasks

  • Hold an award ceremony for the 300 best employees of the Indian cement corporation.
  • Combine ancient Indian customs and Russian traditions in one evening
  • Show foreign guests all the splendor of Russian culture
  • Introduce guests to the corporation's new product

The concept of

GALA DINNER is a magnificent ball in the best traditions of the Russian court. It has everything: a luxurious imperial palace, sophisticated ladies in exquisite silk dresses, elegant street musicians and living statues, throwing rose petals at the feet of guests.

Each guest is solemnly awarded, elevated to the throne and ordained to emperors. Between the award perform opera singers, ballet dancers and dancers in Russian folk costumes. The dazzling light show is striking with an abundance of bright colors. At the end of the ball guests will have a fantastic fiery performance and stunning with its splendor fireworks.

Chips project

  • The festive evening was held in the style of Catherine II, that is, with a royal scale: from the rich decoration of the palace to the grandiose entertainment program, which did not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated Indian guests.
  • The management of the corporation caused the employees sincere delight, landing in front of the palace by helicopter.
  • Russian chefs were assisted by a chef from India. Together they prepared delicious dishes, traditional for Indian cuisine.
  • At the festival it was possible to combine the customs and traditions of two completely different cultures. The award ceremony was accompanied by reading mantras, igniting incense and showering with rose petals.
  • The event was hosted by the famous Indian TV star.

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