Project tasks

  • Colourful congratulations to staff a happy new year and a 10-m the birthday company
  • Create the atmosphere of the world of the mafia and involve maximum staff in the game
  • Charge employees a good mood

The concept of

ICore company is held by the company, with its way of life, traditions, well-coordinated team. Company employees are not afraid of responsibility, go to its goal and always achieve the desired result. Weak in the company simply has no place. That's it-clan iCore.

Clan iCore patronize the influential people. But on the eve of the new year's Party leadership the company receives a letter stating that their patrons have a problem. Nor digicam owner yet the traitor, slivajushhij information on the developments of the company. Traitor need to catch, and only employees of the company will be able to solve all iCore secret messages. Quiet party not be destined to come this quest!

Chips project

  • Theatrical quest took place right at the banquet. The guests didn't even get up from behind the tables! During a banquet in the Hall suddenly burst into a crowd of gangsters, and an idea began.
  • The plot was built blocks, so you had time to take a deep breath and prepare for the following tests. In the story were also woven words Guide and show-rooms of stunt and a cover band in Chicago style, but the main story thread was the theatrical quest.
  • The atmosphere of gangster banquet created a classic entertainment: Roulette, Black Jack, Poker and, of course, a bar. For the most curious, we organized a master class on the twisting of the cigars. Well, get a taste of luxury and literally immerse in money might cash cab.
  • For lovers of modern technologies we have prepared a flipbook is a real book with video inside.
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