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Corporate party

Solve problems

  • Slow adaptation of new employees
  • Motivating the "old-timers" team
  • Tensions within the team workers
  • Lack of credibility in the eyes of the manager team

Achieve results

  • Include creative writing and organize interesting event
  • Record video greeting for subordinates, conduct master classes
  • Fill the collective experiences by small amount of costs

Corporate parties. When details are set

Organization of a full corporate party with rental venues, a rich entertainment and business program and carefully elaborate script is not always required. There are holidays that you'll certainly want to celebrate with the team, and the organization which does not have to spend too much time and effort. Congratulations to collaborators with March 8, to arrange a small party on 23 February, modestly noted professional holiday-so give good mood and even more to rally the team.

For small holidays are ideal for corporate events. This format is convenient and easy to implement: you don't have to splurge on Hall rent at the restaurant, inviting artists to conduct technical equipment platform. As you use Office space, and all costs are reduced for buying gifts, food and beverages and rent a small inventory.

A small corporate party solves and business challenges:

  • increases motivation;
  • allows you to build a good, cohesive team;
  • improves relations between managers and staff;
  • simplifies life for beginners: they have the opportunity to meet with colleagues in an informal environment.

Not always corporate parties need a formal occasion. To hold such an event, you can, if you want to improve the microclimate in the team.

Peculiarities of organization of corporate parties

Corporate Office-economical, easy-to-implement, compact format. To achieve its objectives and be dispelled with the team, you just need the Office and several hours to prepare. In such an event, usually not invite strangers, but you can still call the expert or master. It all depends on the format.

Corporate party does not always involve alcohol, discos and music. Variations of this format quite a lot, and you can even dispense with the usual in Russia "festive" attribute, replacing them with other principalno.

Office space can be divided into several zones: for photos, buffet, various competitions, performances. Instead of scenes you can use video screen on which your staff will be able to congratulate colleagues and remote managers.

Create a festive mood will help makeup artists and hairdressers, who quickly transform businessimage of your collaborators in the evening. In the tiny dressing room with dresses and accessories of all types of ladies will be able to find yourself the perfect outfit.

Can I make the evening equally interesting for representatives of different generations? Yes! It is worth to show a little creativity and choose custom solutions. Such a solution would, for example, a theme master-class. So, if you decided to celebrate International Women's day, a good solution is a lesson on creating fragrances or a master-class hairdressing. The traditional karaoke perfectly replaces the vocal lesson, in which all employees will be able to express themselves.

Corporate party-not a reason to fail for a few days. Holiday leave only pleasant memories of themselves, strengthen friendships between employees and increase their motivation, if properly develop the program.

Creative party-your Office

"Big JACK" works not so long-just 6 years. But, perhaps, it has enabled us to immediately discard the old format and organizational decisions and use exclusively creative, relevant approach to the holidays.

Contacting the "Big Jack", you're not just relieve yourself from organizational problems. We give our employees a great evening and a cohesive and ready-to-work team.

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