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International New Year for Caspian Pipeline Consortium

Project tasks

  • Hold an international corporate event in a completely innovative format for the company
  • Create conditions for informal communication and strengthen corporate spirit staff from Russia, Kazakhstan and the United States
  • Unleash employees and unleash their creative potential

The concept of

A unique format was chosen for the New Year's corporate event of CPC employees, which became innovative not only for the guests, but also for the BIG JACK team: a combination of the atmosphere and structure of the Blue Light and the chips and ideas of Broadway musicals.

This solution allowed the participants to maximize their creative potential and in this they were helped by real professionals - the directors of the show.

At the concert itself, CPC employees from Russia, Kazakhstan and the USA performed, and the stage with them that day was shared by a show ballet to the accompaniment of the saxophone of the group "Brothers Grim" and "Moral Code".

Chips project

Welcome zone: interactives with micromagicians, decoration of carnival masks, creation of postcards on a mirror table, New Year's photo zones.

Main program: a show attended by CPC employees from three countries and professional popular artists.

A mirror representation that figuratively symbolized the completion of the construction of the pipeline from Kazakhstan to Novorossiysk by CPC.

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