Project tasks

  • Team cohesion - an opportunity to engage all guests
  • Clear and transparent pricing. Program within the designated budget
  • An extraordinary idea that combines active pastime and the format of new year's corporate

The concept of

For all generations, the 90s is a special period. With this time, everyone has their own memories and their own patterns, which we reproduced at the KDL New Year's Eve. Two TV programs were filmed for prior involvement in the office: "Baby's Mouth" and the New Year's address of the company's president. The first sketch involved not only employees, but also their children. This program has become an excellent team-building event.

At the entrance, hostesses give guests their game money. Once inside the zone, guests are immediately immersed in the thematic atmosphere of the party in the style of the 90's: music, treats, costumes, familiar and touching objects and images. Rainbow springs hang from the ceiling, colorful tablecloths hang on the tables, growth dolls of stars stand on the perimeter and there are large Rubik's cubes. Photo zones are prepared for spectacular photos: bright and colorful decoration of "MTV" and press-vol with the company logo. The atmosphere is created by the main characters in the hall: a colorful barmaid, a photographer with a monkey on the shoulder, a breakdancer and a girl with a column-acid DJ. In the stall for the money issued you can buy gum, soda and other cute things from the past.

Chips project

  • The whole evening is filled with hits from the past, which brings back guests in the last decade of the last century.
  • The hall is home to a photographer from the 90s - an entourage man with a Polaroid camera, who offers to take a photo with a plush monkey, as well as buy with his hands dollars and Western original discs.
  • Shop on the sofa auction - guests are invited to buy items from the 90s, but all of them are hidden in opaque bags. The presenter sells content for game money.
  • At the end of the evening there is a fashion show of the 90's. And the winner is the one who inflates the biggest bubble of gum.
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