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Project tasks

  • Originally celebrate corporate new year.
  • Come up with an interesting concept to all members of a diverse and creative team «hipsteram», and the representatives of the workers.

The concept of

New year is not only an occasion to remember all the good things that happened for the year but remember yourself in childhood . Because the team is a family, too, and in it we meet new year! Room decorated "Soviet" toys, animators entertain guests competitions "Make a snowflake with your hands" or "guess the gift." the program is divided into 4 block. consistently fall in the 60-s, 70-e, 80-e and 90-e yearandto understand, whose new year's was better.  

Chips project

  • Banners with photos of employees became not only the subject of décor, but reason and arrange a competition for the recognition!
  • We did "warm terrace, setting the gas burners and utepliv space. It particularly warmly watch falling snow that added the holiday feeling of family gatherings.
  • A special nostalgia and emotions has sparked competition "guess the tv show on audiozastavke.
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