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Project tasks

  • Hold an authentic urban-scale event, taking into account similar holidays in 16 parks in Moscow.
  • Meet the minimum project budget so that it did not affect the level of the organization.
  • Engage and support the interest during the holiday from audiences of all ages.

The concept of

The opening of the winter season in the Park must be non-trivial and memorable event. Celebration takes place in the form of a Winter fairy tale sleeping, because only in a dream, we can think about their most intimate dreams and at least briefly give them real forms. Our event has allowed all the guests back in the carefree years of childhood and feel the atmosphere of unreality, interlaced with futuristic performances by actors.

During the event, kids can socialize and take pictures with fantastic characters and adults take part in contests and win valuable prizes. On the waterfront is going to an impromptu band to join which can be anyone, that together create a unique Melody sleep. The feast culminates a collaborative theatrical progress involving more than 5 000 guests and our cast.

Chips project

  • Depending on your wishes, you can either participate in quests and theatrical productions, either visit the master classes and photo zone.
  • Despite the "pljusovuju" of the temperature and the absolute lack of snow, the team BIG JACK managed to create an atmosphere of winter: we put actors in costumes and used led glowing white scenery.
  • Despite a modest budget, we contributed to the huge information resonance around the opening of the winter season in the Park event advertised MUSEON leading entertainment media and highlighted through local authorities and press-service of MUZEONa.
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