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Off-site team building SberStrakhovanie

Project tasks

  • Team-building event
  • Improve communication between employees

The concept of

Off-site event for 3 days. During the trip, several strategic sessions were held for the employees of the unit.  We tried to alternate the business part of the trip and the entertainment part, so that our customers did not have time to get bored. 

The entertainment part of the trip included excursions to the most famous museums of Suzdal, tasting local drinks and riding on carriages of the 19th century. For the team-building part of the trip, we developed a plan with team building activities.

Chips project

  • On one of the days, employees had to go through an exciting quest through Suzdal  
  • The city quest-teambuilding was with immersion in history, immersive inserts, visiting entourage master classes

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