Day archaeologist

15 August
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Day archaeologist


In mid-August is celebrated the so-called day of archaeology. This holiday is not a State holiday in Russia, because it is not officially recognized as a national holiday. August 15, however, every archaeologist RF, no matter in what part of he is and what he is doing, feels obliged to note a rather auspicious day.

Science called archaeology rather important for society and its further development. After all, you have to admit, all the events of ancient times were opened, and explained through archaeological excavations, and manuscripts of the past centuries. It is a pity that writing still quite little, but the material of everyday life, for example, much larger and in pretty good condition with which may be solved many mysteries of the past centuries. Archaeology started gaining momentum in development only in the nineteenth century around the middle because Aleksey Sergeyevich Uvarov had the unusual hobby, he studied archeology. During the first moments of infatuation archaeology Earl did not have even a clue about the rules of excavations and their meaning. But, the science of ancient human development went exactly excavation and research count Uvarov.

Makarov Leonid man, head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which houses the Archaeological Institute, he also directs the excavations all known fields at Suzdal in the Vladimir region. In Russia most recently revived interest of the majority of the population to the archaeological excavations of the history of the fatherland, were a large number of editions and monographs that relate to the subject of the history of the fatherland. But not one publication would not be scientifically proven, if not for the science of archaeology. The Russian community in the next summer season open all new field excavations, and this is all in spite of the terrible conditions, and a very small, finansovoju support. This science as history of fatherland moves only thanks to people who are ready for any sacrifice for the sake of his so-called hobbies.

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