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The day of medical worker (Medica)

18 June
Left 149 days
The day of medical worker (Medica)


The medical worker's day is celebrated each year on the third Sunday of June. Tradition to commemorate the doctors on this day includes more than a dozen years. Its establishment Ordinance was published in the distant year of 1980. Since then, all employees of the medical sphere on the territory of the Soviet Union and later Russia and countries of the Commonwealth of independent States, celebrate their professional holiday.


The day of medical worker celebrates not only the doctors and nursing staff, laboratory staff, biologists, nurses, all those whose work in one way or another, is to save and preserve human life, maintain good health. Day Medica is an opportunity once again to recall that the necessary and important profession, to express my appreciation and respect for all employees of medicine.

Holiday traditions

Traditionally in all medical institutions of the country are held solemn assemblies and awards are given to the best workers, confined to this day. At the federal level are awarded two State Awards: "merited doctor of the Russian Federation" and "honoured worker of public health of Russian Federation, hosts numerous concerts and other festive events.

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