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The day of geologist

6 April
Stayed 161 day
The day of geologist


The day of geologist celebrated all of whose activities are connected with the science and industry, as well as representatives from related professions: blasters, markshejdery, power miners mines.

Holiday date not fixed in the calendar and falls on the first Sunday in April. She was not chosen accidentally: spring at this time coming off the snow ends winter frosts, and industry experts are beginning to prepare for seasonal field labor and research expeditions.

This professional holiday was established even leadership of the Soviet Union in 1966 year in recognition of outstanding achievements of geologists in the formation of the mineral complex of the country. Initiated the creation of an official holiday known to geologists, led by academician a. Janshinym. Just at that time was open oil and gas field in Western Siberia, which was a good reason.

Earth Scouts sometimes in extreme conditions study minerals, are industrial minerals, find and develop new reserves. Extracting rocks from beneath the Earth's crust, specialists are among the wildlife under the load of heavy backpacks and expedition equipment in the service of his country and Russia.

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