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Project tasks

  • Celebrate the coming New Year
  • Raise the collective spirit and improve the mood of employees
  • To sum up the year and thank the employees
  • Engaging employees in the collective experience of Celebrating the New Year

The concept of

Super Agents Haier. Immerse yourself in the luxury and privileges of 007 agents! Celebrating the New Year under the code task of the spy organization created the mood and theme of the evening! For the guests of the event created an atmosphere filled with chic and brilliance, in the best traditions of spy films. New Year is a new challenge for employees, and to do this, you need to gather new forces. Each of the employees was able to test their strength in a special laser maze or pass the task in VR reality. The unusual format of the bar, combining the concept of an ordinary bar and a secret archive of materials, allowed guests to feel the specifics of the service in a secret organization. A number of assignments and competitions helped to join the ranks of agents. As a holiday after a difficult mission, the new agents were invited to a disco with the Spotlight band, and at the end of the evening guests were waiting for a colorful fireworks display in honor of the dedication.

Chips project

  • Pre-engagement in the subject of agents 007
  • A special guide to the dress code of the event has been developed
  • Masterclass in creating brooches and bow ties
  • Laser show with actors

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