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Submariners day (seaman submariners day)

19 March
Stayed 61 day
Submariners day (seaman submariners day)


Seaman submariners day we celebrate 19 March of each year. By Decree of the Emperor Nicholas II in the Navy included a number of ships-submarines. Then in the composition of the domestic fleet were 10 submarines, the first of which, titled "Dolphin", was created in the year 1904 at the Baltic shipyard. This type of ships in those times is not yet officially recognized, distinguished himself in the Russo-Japanese war, forcing flinch enemy forces. After winning the leadership of the country was thinking on the strengthening of maritime boundaries and the establishment of a fleet of submarines. Consisting of the Baltic fleet in 1911 first Brigade, was formed of these boats, which included two floating base called "Khabarovsk" and "Europe".
Benefits and functionality of this fleet were confirmed also in the first world war. After her graduation in Russia created a special kind of NAVAL forces, which perfectly solve operational and tactical tasks.

For the SOVIET Navy in the period from 1930 to 1939 year was built more than 20 large submarines, as well as 80 medium-sized and small 60. During the great patriotic war in our country was 212 submarines, which were competently in groups, brigades and divisions. Military Council identified areas and tasks of fighting and drove boats fleet commander.

The biggest event in the history of the Navy was equipping submarines nuclear power reactors, which allowed ships to have missile and torpedo installation. In 1961 year Navy consisted of nine nuclear plants, five torpedo and four missile submarines.

Part of a group of underwater nuclear cruisers, created for the Russian Navy, included machines project 949 a, who were armed with rockets "granite". This group is able to instantly solve any combat tasks, even aircraft.

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