Russian post day

9 July
Left 77 days
Russian post day


Charismatic image Pechkina and lines from a poem about Leningrad postman problem Marshak float in memory of Russian citizens at the mention of this holiday.

Meanwhile the first existence of the mail can be found even in written monuments of millennia. But its formal existence mail starts with the reforms of Peter the great.

In 1266 year in ancient Rus, the first rules for messengers. And according to birch bark letters, Koi found during excavations in Novgorod the great, in 11-15 centuries there, as it became known, was already developed forward private correspondence.

In 1693 to the regular mail messages between Moscow and Arkhangelsk the Tsar Peter the great First publishes a decree on the Organization of the mail route Moscow-Pereslavl Zalesskiy-Rostov-Yaroslavl-Vologda-Archangelsk. The Decree regulated responsibility for the safety of the mail and its conditions of carriage, the rules of selection of their clothes and form yamshchikov, equipping Inns, as well as obligations for the construction and maintenance of roads. And only 300 years later was installed holiday called the day of the Russian post, which is annually celebrated on the second Sunday of July.

Today, alongside the traditional federal there are electronic, hybrid and express mail. Mail sale information is carried out points of periodicals shall be adopted by the community and municipal payments, distributed promotional materials produced cargo transportation, photocopying documents, photos and many other services. Today in Russia there are more than 40 000 post offices. About 17 thousand machines, more than 450 cars and 364 flights are used to transport messages. It is hard now to imagine a State without mail. This method of communication is an integral part of the infrastructure of the Russian society, providing uninterrupted reception, processing, transportation and delivery of mail.

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