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Day sports journalist

2 July
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Day sports journalist


At all times, the sport has been a unifying force, bringing together under their banners not only individuals, but whole populations. A healthy lifestyle, the spirit of fair play and peace are specific modern sport, combining the best of what humanity has made during its development and existence.

Sports journalism holds social and meaningful activities associated with the collection, processing and dissemination of up-to-date sports information on the means of mass communications.

The international day is celebrated since 1995 the sports journalist of the year. Initiated this holiday in the calendar of the international sports Press Association.

July 2, 1924 years at the International Congress of the sports press, it was decided to establish the international sports Press Association, which today has about 150 national unions. Approximately 9 000 sports reporters, including Russian, now officially 30 000 workers are International Association.

In Russia there is a Federation of sports journalists of Russia, uniting the sports journalists of the 80-minute constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The main objectives of the Federation are the promotion of sport, physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle among the public, as well as the development of sports journalism and help its veterans.

Every year on this day worldwide held commemorative meetings, which is awarded to the best media professionals covering sporting events. In Russia this day honors the most distinguished journalists per year, as well as sporting events, where people of the profession not only in Word but also in deed to prove commitment to sport, physical education and a healthy lifestyle.

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