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Day precinct

17 November
Stayed 21 day
Day precinct


Day precinct was established in early September 2002 year by order of the then CHIEF Minister of Internal Affairs, Colonel V.a. Vasileva. According to this document, it is celebrated every year on November 17, and this day is work.

It is interesting that the profession of a district appeared long ago, namely in the 16th century, during the reign of Ivan the terrible. It was on his decree was created by order of melancholy fell heavier and consisting of several people who were supposed to keep public order, catching criminals and even control it. As the criminal cases are underway. It is their and can be considered the first District Commissioners.

How to celebrate the Day the district?

On the day of the local authority in which they serve, celebrations are held. More often than not, they are held in the houses of culture and consists of formal and informal part. During the first:

  • particularly deserving employees hand insignia and awards;
  • Summing up the work;
  • hear future plans.

In the informal part of the professional competitions are held, are creative teams with different numbers. It goes without saying that home precinct police commissioners congratulate friends and relatives.

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